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The Lorrey Chart, v1.0 depicting the political landscape of technological and personal liberty/self determination.

The Lorrey Chart is a transhumanist equivalent to the Nolan Chart, and intended to more clearly delineate the political distinctions between types of technophilia and technophobia compared to preferences for or against individual liberty.

Axes of Comparison

The axes used in the Lorrey Chart are those of Technological liberty/affinity, or technophilia, on the left hand, and Self Determination or Individual Liberty on the right hand, creating a two dimensional cartesian coordinate space for individuals to determine their own positions on the two areas, and compared to the descriptions of the quadrants and other individuals who plot themselves out on the chart.

Worlds Shortest Transhumanist Quiz

In order to plot your location on the Lorrey Chart, you can use the following ten question quiz, giving yourself 20 points for each 'yes' answer, 10 points for each 'maybe/depends' answer, and 0 points for each 'no' answer. If you lean more towards "yes" or "no" than just "maybe" guage your agreement to each question on a 20 point scale.


1. Do you agree that you should be free to build/create/purchase/use any technology that can improve/increase your wealth, health, longevity, productivity, transportability, or ability to defend yourself, your property, or those you care about, provided you do NOT use it  to aggress against others?

2. Do you approve of genetic modification of bacteria, plants, animals or other orders of life for useful purposes?

3. Do you agree that you should be free to augment your mind and body to whatever limits are scientifically possible?

4. Do you agree that death is a disease?

5. Do you agree that sapient artificial intelligences and uploaded sapient personalities are legally persons and should be accorded the same rights as natural born humans?


1. Do you agree that all sapient beings own themselves (ergo "I think, therefore I own myself"), that self-ownership is the basis of all natural rights, and is inalienable?

2. Do you agree that the only moral/ethical means to organize a society of sapients is via the Non-Aggression Principle?

3. Do you agree that all sapient beings have the natural right to defend themselves and those they mutually care about or have contractual relationships with?

4. Do you agree that property ownership is derived from self-ownership, in that a self owning person thus owns their labor and creations, and is free to buy/sell/trade their labor and creations in free voluntary association with others?

5. Do you agree that natural rights are correllatively symmetrical, i.e. freedom of speech correlates with a freedom to remain silent, etc?