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Technoprogressivism is a portmanteau combining "technological" with "progressivism" and ostensibly claims to seek "to combine technological advancements with social change". What this means is that they are marxists/socialists who wish to use transhumanist technologies AGAINST individuals, to impose a socialist collectivist society of political correctness enforced by technological coersion, state/party controlled economic exclusion of dissenters, and technologically mediated mind control and memetic reprogramming, with the ultimate goal being a global hive mind that abolishes human individualism and individual freedom of choice about whether to choose a transhumanist future and individual freedom of self determination entirely.

History of Technoprogressive Coersion

The early 20th century saw Futurism of various sorts become the aesthetic/artistic forefront of fascist/socialist. Where Naziism and to a lesser extent Italian Fascism, applied the pseudoscience of eugenics[1] to try to breed a collective-determined ideal of a superman or uber-mensch, as well as to exterminate individuals they believed were genetically deficient, like Jews, gays, gypsies, etc.[2] via their concentration camp system to organize their "Final Solution".  Soviet socialism/communism went further in pushing Marxist theories of forcing evolution upon organisms according to state determined goals via Lysenkoism[3], as well as by forcibly committing political dissenters to gulag concentration camps[4] for punishment labor, torture, and political reeducation or death, or even to civil commitment to mental hospitals for brainwashing for those who resisted political reeducation.[5] As a result of these German and Russian technoprogressive programs, well over 60 million people were murdered.[6][7]

Technoprogressive coersion existed in the West as well, with organized, state sponsored eugenics programs in  the US (Tuskeegee Airmen, etc[8]), Canada, Australia[9], Norway[10], Sweden[11], Denmark[12], among others. The politicians pushing these eugenics programs were ALWAYS self-described progressives, who also advocated programs of social welfare, regulation of private business, among other leftist policies. [13]

Even in the Post-War period, psychiatry continued to be abused by progressives to imprison and torture individualist personalities, in the US[14] and abroad[15], as "anti-social" or asocial persons. Socialist psychiatrists have retained significant control over the American Psychiatric Association, and control the contents of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual[16] which places heavy emphasis on defining individualism as various forms of mental disorder[17], and refuses to recognise such mental disorders as Hoplophobia[18], which had been recognised and defined by Freud.[19]

Progressivist Infiltration of Transhumanism

After decades of the transhumanist movement growing and expanding as a particularly individualist movement, it came to the attention of statists, collectivists/progressives, among others. Francis Fukuyama called transhumanism "the most dangerous idea in existence".[20] Bil McKibben, radical environmentalist, luddite, and global warming scam artist, in his 2003 book Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age,  argued at length against many of the technologies that are postulated or supported by transhumanists, including germinal choice technology, nanomedicine and life extension strategies. He claims that it would be morally wrong for humans to tamper with fundamental aspects of themselves (or their children) in an attempt to overcome universal human limitations, such as vulnerability to aging, maximum life span, and biological constraints on physical and cognitive ability. Attempts to "improve" themselves through such manipulation would remove limitations that provide a necessary context for the experience of meaningful human choice. He claims that human lives would no longer seem meaningful in a world where such limitations could be overcome technologically. Even the goal of using germinal choice technology for clearly therapeutic purposes should be relinquished, since it would inevitably produce temptations to tamper with such things as cognitive capacities. He argues that it is possible for societies to benefit from renouncing particular technologies, using as examples Ming China, Tokugawa Japan and the contemporary Amish.

Psychiatrist/Sociologist Dr. James J Hughes, an admitted marxist[21], undertook in the late 1990's to begin a campaign of infiltration into the transhumanist movement in order to, as he says "build a sexy democratic future".  He started his "Changesurfer Radio" online podcast program in order to prosthelytize his vision of socialist transhumanism, and founded the World Transhumanist Association in 2002 as a socialist dialectical conflict group to oppose the more techno-libertarian Extropy Institute. Since then, the WTA has attracted future oriented socialists of all stripes around the world to try to coopt the transhumanist movement as a whole, much as the socialists once coopted the Democratic Party in the US when they realized they'd never get elected as overt socialists.

Hughes wrote and self-published his technoprogressive socialist manifesto, Citizen Cyborg in 2004.

WTA has since changed its name to Humanity+ and has become the dominant propaganda voice in the transhumanist community, generally eschewing involvement by individualists if not outright attacking them. In a continuance of the marxist dialectical process, Hughes has since founded the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies as an even more radical left wing group, in order to set up dialectical conflict between the IEET and Humanity+ as a classic marxist strategy of "moving the middle" of public discourse on the topic of transhumanism. As a result, many individualists in the US and elsewhere have gotten an entirely wrong impression of transhumanism in general as a wholly leftist movement intent on chipping everyone, tracking everybody for Big Brother, etc.