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Transcollectivism is the idea that the solution to the ills of corrupt government, corporatism, wars, civil strife, crime, economic scarcity and inequality, environmental destruction, class conflict, bigotry, sexism, hate, ignorance etc etc etc is using technology to enable MORE government, a world or solar system spanning collective that arbitrates every dispute, micromanages every enterprise, prevents wars by eliminating nation-states, prevents civil conflict by universal disarmament all individuals, ends crime with throught control and universal surveillance, abolishes economic scarcity with Resource Based Economics, eliminates income and wealth inequality with redistributive Universal Basic Income funded by confiscation of capital and productive output of wealth creators, eliminate environmental destruction with rights for all living things and universal carbon-based pricing, eliminates class conflict by abolishing consumer economies, and ends bigotry, sexism, and hate with Orwellian levels of political reeducation, neurolinguistic programming, and mind control, culminating in the ultimate abolition of the existence of individual personalities in human beings, turning each person into a neuronal pod of a universal Hive Mind.


Transstatism is a subset of Transcollectivism, which focuses on improving government through technology, a form of technocracy. One early example is former Vice President Al Gore's "Reinventing Government" initiative of the early 1990's[1] that he got hard at work on after he finished inventing the internet.[2]

Transstatists tend to focus on developing technologies in ways that help empower government to oppress individuals and to dominate other competitor nations. The NSA's focus on amassing supercomputing technologies in order to spy on and decrypt communications from around the globe, is one example. The Central Intelligence Agencies venture captial front company, Axxel Partners, focuses on capitalizing silicon valley companies that are developing technologies that can be exploited for US national security interests.

The development of drones, and robotic technologies for military and surveillance purposes, as well as tying ubiquitous security cameras into a facial recognition network system, are other examples of actual transstatist technological development.

Hive Collective Enclaves

The New Age hippy dippy side of transcollectivism focuses on ideas for abolishing social constructs thought by marxists to be means of exploitation of the masses by the few by creating hive minds, personalities that, like flocks of birds, and other natural phenomena, will theoretically emerge by connecting enough human minds and computers together as one neural network with one overriding network operating system that is capable of learning and self-programming.